Have you’ve reached a limit in your work or you feel that something is missing but you can’t pinpoint what it is? You’re not alone. 

Engagement and motivation in the workplace are both complex concepts, in fact, they are so complicated that only 30% of employees have been engaged at work during the past 18 years.

One of the biggest misconceptions about motivation is that it’s possible to motivate people. It is not. Managers can’t motivate their people, teachers can’t motivate their students, and parents can’t motivate their children. You can’t motivate anyone. Or rather, not in the way you might think. We can guide people, inspire them, teach them; we can even give them a boost, in the short-term, but not truly motivate them in the long run. There is only one person that can; ourselves.

The Plant

Consider this example. When you want to grow a plant the first thing you do is plant a seed. Then, you simply make sure it has all the key ingredients it needs to help it grow into a plant on its own. It cannot grow without them.

At Beaconforce, we have identified which ingredients are necessary to create a well-designed work environment in which motivation can, much like the plant, grow.

We call these ingredients the seven pillars of intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is the type of motivation that comes from within. It drives us to adopt or change a behavior for our own internal satisfaction or fulfillment.

The 7 pillars of intrinsic motivation

  1. Clear Goals, having a clear understanding of how your work contributes to the vision of your company.
  2. Continuous feedback, having regular conversations to understand the evolution and progress of your work.
  3. Social interaction, having good quality relationships with your team and how this impacts your collaboration.
  4. Balanced challenges, how your workload or difficulty of your current tasks relate to your skills and resources you have available today.
  5. Sense of improvement, how much you feel like you’re learning and developing new skills to grow in your career.
  6. Risk attitude, how comfortable you are trying new things and thinking outside the box to solve problems.
  7. Sensation of control, how much ownership and accountability you feel your management gives you on your work.

The 7 Pillars in your Beaconforce Dashboard

If you have all these ingredients, your intrinsic motivation can flourish, and your performance at work will increase. Beaconforce helps you identify if these elements exist in your current work environment or if you’re missing some of them to be able to feel intrinsically motivated. By interacting with your app every day, you provide our algorithm with the information it needs to calculate how many of these ingredients you currently have.

To keep your dashboard updated, you simply need to interact with your app to provide our algorithm with the information it needs to calculate how many of these elements you currently have in your work environment.

Remember your answers to these questions will always be kept anonymous. Our algorithm only uses your answers to extract insights and display them in a visual way in your dashboard, in this case in the form of your seven pillars diagram.