Do you know anyone who likes to be micro-managed?  Unlikely! Most of us prefer to be given the responsibility and autonomy to do our job as we see fit.  Among other things, independence drives our sense of purpose at work and builds our confidence. 

It’s not enough to be part of a company, we also want to have an impact on decisions and to be heard.

Choice and Responsibility

Feeling that we don’t have an impact at work and concluding that our work doesn’t have any influence on the company’s success, can be incredibly frustrating. It completely depletes our sense of purpose and can make us feel irrelevant.

Control over how we do our work makes us feel valued and important to the success of the company.

Tip:  Make sure to agree on your goals and milestones with your manager.  Take this opportunity to also agree on how often you want to check in on progress.  

Increasing Creativity

and Critical Thinking

When we’re allowed to set our own priorities and choose how we want to reach our goals, we grow our organizational capabilities and portray responsible behavior.  Having control over our work, sparks creativity and innovative problem solving.

Tip:  A low Sense of Control pillar on your dashboard could signal that you’re ready to take on more responsibility or need more say in how you accomplish your work.  Talk to your manager about how you can bring this about…together!