Whether at work or at play, everyone loves getting better at something. It boosts our confidence, motivates us to strive for more betterment and broadens our opportunities for promotion.

Each time we successfully build a new skill, increase our knowledge in an important area, or master an empowering behaviour, we see ourselves in a new, more positive light.  When we’re continually improving at work, we enjoy a sense of empowerment that fuels us to accomplish even more and push ourselves to the next level.  

Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset

Sense of Improvement is tied to a growth mindset.  By default, most people have a fixed mindset. This sounds like a bad thing, but biologically we’re designed to rely on past experiences and habits and are naturally resistant to change.

It’s important to recognize when we’re using our fixed mindset so we can switch into our growth mindset and enjoy the freedom of setting aside our habits, embracing change and the challenge of facing something unknown.

Though it can be difficult at times, learning to continuously improve will prove incredibly satisfying.

Growth Mindset – “Abilities and skills are dynamic, and can be learned and improved through dedication and hard work”.

Fixed Mindset – “Abilities, skills, intelligence, and talent are static traits that cannot be improved or developed.”