Beaconforce is a first-of-its-kind mobile coaching tool that empowers people to improve their work experience, motivation and ultimately performance. 

We designed Beaconforce to be a safe environment. A place where you can share your perceptions and sentiments openly. 

The Beaconforce app serves up a few interactions a day that takes only seconds to answer. With steady use, Beaconforce helps you improve your well-being at work and provides guidance to your career counselor to support you in your journey towards self-improvement.  

We offer guidance, but the real change happens when you take action!

Why interact with Beaconforce every day?

We all go through different things in our everyday life.  Some days are better than others. By interacting with Beaconforce daily, you get more accurate insights on how you can have better days.

With every interaction, our algorithm learns and validates trends to give you and your career counselor a clear picture of what you need to thrive in your environment.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, why not spend a few minutes on yourself?

What happens to my data?

You own your data. Everything that happens between you and the Beaconforce app is confidential. Nobody within or outside your organization has access to your personal data.

Your interactions with Beaconforce are strictly anonymous i.e., answers to the questions, your mood log, content consumption etc. The results of these interactions are made available to you and your career counselor through your dashboard, providing valuable information about your drivers and motivators.

What is the dashboard?

Think of your dashboard as a mirror. It allows you to see yourself from a different perspective and helps you understand what you need to be successful in your current role.

At a glance, you’ll understand exactly what needs to be done to increase your motivation. The more adept you become at motivating yourself, the more you’ll be able to sense the factors that motivate others.

Use the Beaconforce dashboard as a starting point for an engaging and productive conversation with your career counselor!