Beating the Burden of Burnout

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting “Beating the burden of burnout” an event which talked about how organizations, managers, and employees themselves can deal with burnout. This was accomplished through our amazing panel that helped us uncover the mystery behind burnout and what we can do to help ourselves Beat the Burden of Burnout. The panel spoke about their experiences, insights, and solutions that ranged from meditation to self-care.

Our Rockstar team of panelists consisted of

At the beginning of the event, we asked the attendees what they thought the main cause of burnout was, the results, unsurprising.

Today there is a common misconception of the causes of burnout along with how it affects people. As shown by the audience’s input, stress is a common go-to when speaking about burnout. This paints only half the picture, however, as some people deteriorate after long periods of pressure and stress while others thrive. All the other reasons our audience highlighted are also causes of burnout, which is why organizations and people have such a hard time fighting it. Research shows that for the risk of burnout to subside, you need to get in the ‘Zone’. The graph below shows that your emotional state is more important than anything when trying to get there, and in turn avoid burnout.

We at Beaconforce believe that intrinsic motivation is the way in which we can all get into the ‘zone’, or as we like to call it, The Flow. Check out our resources page to see how we get everyone in our organizations to be in The Flow.

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