#Beaconforcestories: The Why of setting Clear Goals for your team

What are Clear Goals?

There is a famous story about President John F Kennedy visiting NASA in the 60’s. During his visit, he bumped into a man carrying a broom and a bucket in one of NASA’s hallways. Kennedy asked the man what he did for NASA. The man, who was a janitor at NASA replied: “Sir, I’m helping put a man on the moon”. This is an example of a great implementation of clear goals.

How do Clear Goals benefit me?

Having clear goals does not only mean having set KPIs for the year, it also needs to cover the ”Why” of an employee’s job and how it brings value to the company’s big picture. This concept is directly related to having a sense of purpose at work, one of the main drivers of the new generation of employees.

Why would my employees care about Clear Goals?

Most people can’t say they helped put a man on the moon with their job. However, making your employees feel like no matter what their position is they’re helping the company reach its vision will have a great impact on employees’ motivation.

Story was written by Lisa Paredes, Brand and Community Manager at Beaconforce.

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