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First Anniversary of Beaconforce!

The month of June 2018 has been an important and amazing month for us since we had the chance to celebrate the Beaconforce’s first birthday.

One year has passed since the first time Beaconforce started to help and support companies in listening, understanding and motivating their people, improving considerably the quality of life in the workplace.
Top managers, customers, and partners celebrated this important milestone with us, attending our first birthday event over the hills of Bologna, Italy.

The event has been an amazing chance to network, discuss and most importantly, share different experiences regarding the use of our solution.

Four of the co-founders, Luca Rosetti, Christian Zoli, Nicola Basso, and Luca Vernocchi, presented to the audience not only all the achievements that Beaconforce as a team was able to achieve in one year, but also focused on the current and, most importantly, the future goals of the company, and how they envision the years ahead.

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