Jody B. Miller – Global Ambassador

JODY B. MILLER, CEO of C2C Strategic Management

Keynote Speaker, TEDx, Author

We are happy to announce that Jody B. Miller has joined Beaconforce as a member of our Global Ambassadors Program!

“My focus is helping companies increase profits by investing in employee happiness, engagement, and productivity. It all starts from within.”

In her role as a key member of Beaconforce’s Global Ambassador Team, Jody works closely with companies around the world to understand and increase employee engagement.

For more than 30 years, Jody has held positions in broadcast media, a software start-up, investment banking and strategic consulting. She has helped global companies recruit top talent and she designs employee retention programs that keep workforces engaged and onboard.

Jody speaks around the world and writes books and articles about work/life happiness, hosts a top-ranked podcast about breaking through barriers to find meaning, success, and happiness, and is known as the Work Happiness Expert.

Together, we will work on helping companies create cultures that celebrate every single employee, their contribution and their authentic voice, all leading to increased productivity and bottom line profits for corporate clients.


To learn more about Jody, check out her website

Jody’s website

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