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We are proud to announce new COO of Beaconforce – Massimo Cioffi. Previously Cioffi served as a General Manager at INPS and Global Head of Enel’s HR.

“Massimo is a great leader with years of experience and an amazing success record. His background in working with international corporations and long history with the government speaks for itself.  We are glad to have him in charge of day-to-day operations at Beaconforce,” said Luca Rosetti, chairman, and CEO, Beaconforce.


Previously, Cioffi was the Global Head of Enel’s HR. Enel is Europe’s largest utility by customer base & the world’s largest producer of renewable energy. They operate in 30 countries & deliver energy to 200+ million people worldwide. Enel generates revenue of $100B & manages the infrastructure of $50B.

After Enel, Cioffi joined INPS as a General Manager. INPS is the largest social security and welfare institute in Italy, with a high influence over the entire European Union. INPS has a budget of approximately 400 billion Euros.

After a long career in global corporations and government, Cioffi decides to go for a different path and bring his experience to the service of a fast-growing Silicon Valley startup that aims to disrupt the way companies manage people.

Starting today, Cioffi will assume responsibility as COO for day-to-day operations, marketing, and business development.  Cioffi will be responsible for ensuring operational and financial excellence across the company.

COO Says:

“The tried and true way of running a business practice has brought us success in the past is shifting quickly under our feet. I have seen enough disruptions over the years to recognize the signs that the way we manage people is due for disruption.

Throughout my professional life I have developed and used models of management that attract, motivate and retain the best people. After seeing Beaconforce, I decided to join in the blink of an eye.

Beaconforce can provide tremendous value to CEOs who believe that people are at the center of their company’s success; it aims to improve corporate performance by creating a fulfilling work environment for every single employee and manager.

I believe that at Beaconforce I will have the greatest impact in moving management toward the future of work and in improving the quality of life of millions of people” – Massimo Cioffi.

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