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This article was posted by Ravenna on May 31st 2017 on Ravenna InMagazine

Everything was born of a friendship. A strange word in these times when everything is technologized and globalized, in which only business, economy, and power seem to have room. Friendship is instead the keyword of the success of the Beaconforce project, jumped to the headlines for its originality, for its position as a real revolution in the field of corporate and interpersonal relationships.
Beaconforce is a software product, a technological tool based on neuroscience, through which the company that applies it can monitor and verify the involvement of its employees and, consequently, transform the acquired information into practical solutions to improve itself and its own mission. Beaconforce is an app that allows you to reduce the business costs of selection and training of staff, to maintain, indeed to retain the best talents and to increase productivity. The latest sector studies, specifically the research by Gartner and Deloitte, confirm that companies with a high involvement of their employees achieve an average turnover of more than 147% compared to a medium-sized company (and with a higher return for shareholders 80%). The founders are all from Ravenna: Luca Rosetti, 36, CEO, Luca Vernocchi, 43, sales and communication director, and Christian Zoli, 42, VP of Product.

Friendship is the key to success in Beaconforce, a project which has been famous and recognized for being extremely unique and innovative in the field of interpersonal and job relationships.

Starting from different formative paths and carrying out work experiences together, for some periods even in different fields, they have made their dream come true.
“Taking care of many years of training, human resources management and behavioral dynamics – continues Vernocchi – we have gained the great conviction that in a historical moment like the one we are experiencing, the value of companies would have shifted from product and service to relational dynamics and to the people, who have and will have more and more value. In short, it is the people who make the difference. We have thus tried to understand how to create a system, relying on the technology that today allows us to do amazing things, that had the main purpose: to improve the quality of work and personal life within structured companies”. Today more than ever, entrepreneurs are in fact competing to produce winning products and services, then they look for a commercial system as strong as possible to establish themselves on the market. Hence the question, summarized by Vernocchi, was born: “Dear entrepreneur, who are your men to put this into practice? It is not enough that you know how to profile the client, you need to profile your men “. “It was no longer enough for us to work as freelancers – Zoli is part of it – we needed to work together, to realize our reality. With Rosetti, which was a bit of the ram of this project, Millennia Minds was born, our consulting firm specializing in the development of organizations and neuromarketing, based in San Francisco and Ravenna, which started to study the contents of the our project, developed in partnership with Horsa di Bologna, a leading company in the ICT market, with over twenty years of experience in the field of software solutions for companies “.

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