Tina Greenbaum – Global Ambassador

We are happy to announce that Tina Greenbaum is joining Beaconforce as a member of our Globlal Ambassadors Program!

Tina, M.Ed., LCSW has been pioneering for over 30 years a powerful therapy blending traditional psychotherapy with body awareness, energy psychology, neuroscience and spirituality.

Her life has been devoted to helping people become who they were always meant to be: extraordinary individuals under pressure.

What drives me…is that I’ve spent the last 35 years studying and learning about how people change – so that we actually can experience ourselves differently – rather than just have an intellectual understanding of ourselves. I’ve got a pretty good handle on this subject and I desperately want to share it with more and more people. If greater numbers of people learned how to be more resilient, to perform well under pressure and communicate effectively, this world would be a better place!

As a part of our team, Tina we will help us create environments where people thrive, feel alive, and as a result, reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about Tina, check out her website

Tina’s website

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