How to set your home office for success!

The goal of your home office setup is to create an environment where you can be your most productive. Here’s how to make your home office setup to work for you.

1. Identify a space.

Separate your living area from your work area. Creating a designated workspace will help you gain a balance between your work and home life. Avoid working from your bed. Is there a low-traffic, quiet area of your house or apartment that you could use for a home office? Remember to find a way to sit comfortably while you work. Maybe try to put a pillow on the back of your chair to sit up.

2.  Lighting

A well-lit workspace can brighten the room, and have a positive impact on your mood. Opt for a desk lamp or floor lamp to shed some light on your workspace. If you feel more motivated when you work with natural light find a window to sit close by.

3. Set a schedule.

Similar to creating separate spaces for your working and non-working hours, split up your time in a similar way. It’s very easy to work overtime when you don’t have to commute to go to work. Working long hours can lead to burnout and negatively impact sleep habits and health. Set up a schedule that works for you and stick to it. If you have kids at home maybe you can negotiate with your manager to start earlier and have a long break in the middle of your day. 

4. Clean your space

Clutter can make a small space feel even smaller, and even a bit chaotic. Look for a space to store your work items Or hang a wall organizer to organize miscellaneous items. A cluttered space can be distracting and even increase your stress levels. A healthy routine to help your brain feel like you’re out of work is making sure to tidy up at the end of your workday so you can start fresh the next morning.