How Beaconforce helped Falck Renewables in the energy sector’s war of talent

4 ottobre, 2022
Caso Studio Falck

Falck Renewables is a global player in the renewable energy industry with operations across Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Asia.
They develop, design, build and manage plants that generate clean energy and provide highly specialized management services to energy producers and consumers.

The energy industry is currently going through a period of hyper-growth due to an increase in the demand for renewable energy especially across the world’s biggest economies, the United States, China, and Europe.
The transition from oil and gas to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources has driven an accelerated growth for key players like Falck Renewables.

This hyper-growth combined with a lack of highly skilled workers is creating a talent shortage. There is a war for talent which makes employee retention crucial for success in the industry.
According to the 2021 Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) report, the competition for energy skills is increasing and 59% of power professionals are worried about an impending talent crisis. In the last few years, Falck has invested in multiple initiatives to tackle the talent drain and make sure to secure the best candidates.

Some of these initiatives involved:

  • Providing more training and opportunities for professional growth within the company
  • Optimization of recruitment costs
  • Collecting qualitative information on employee churn
  • Annual surveys and performance reviews

To collect valuable data on their people, Falck has used traditional employee surveys. However, the company realized that these solutions only provided a blurry snapshot of the past. Falck Renewables recognized that using old-fashioned employee surveys in the fast-paced energy market was like driving a car only looking in the rearview mirror.
The video interview

The company decided to deploy Beaconforce in the departments experiencing higher turnover to learn what were the key challenges that were causing it.

Moreover, before deploying on a global scale, they wanted to get a better sense of how to effectively communicate the initiative internally, how to get the buy-in from top management, and what internal resources they would have to put in place to support the initiative.

Anastasia Titova, Falck’s Global Head of HR and internal champion, decided to focus on the first steps of the process and work closely with Beaconforce’s team to make sure their people knew the platform’s purpose and goals.

Actions focused on internal communication, buy-in from top management as well as utilizing numerous internal resources were put in place to tackle any foreseeable challenges.

“The level with which the tool can predict certain situations is quite amazing”

Anastasia Titova

Global Head HR & Organization

Beaconforce’s dashboard helped Falck see how stress got to very different levels depending on functions.

One of the biggest findings was that new hires were very stressed shortly after they were onboarded. Beaconforce allowed them to see that this group was stressed because they were lacking two important factors: clear guidance and continuous feedback. Prompted by Beaconforce’s results, Falck Renewables made changes to their onboarding process and made significant improvements to avoid this type of situation.

In other areas of the company, stress came from groups that felt over-challenged and under-skilled.
Falck organized activities such as learning and development or allocation of more resources and training to these individuals. As a consequence, the feeling of being overwhelmed or stressed was gradually reduced.

“At the heart of our commitment is our attention and responsibility towards the motivation of people, for the creation and maintenance of a work environment that is as stimulating as possible. We want to create a valuable relationship with each of our collaborators that allows shared and inclusive growth, with increased motivation for success. Working with the Beaconforce team we have experimented with the different functionalities and taken advantage of them so that leaders are able to guide this process”

Toni Volpe

CEO di Falck Renewables

By using Beaconforce’s dashboard they were able to tackle these stress-related concerns head-on and the numbers speak for themselves. Falck was able to utilize the information and data produced by the platform to truly engage with their people honestly and effectively ensuring their needs were met.

  • The adoption rate reached 76% within the first 3 months after the kick-off. Thanks to the CEO’s sponsorship and support from top management and key people, the majority of the organization joined the platform early on. After one year after the kick-off, the adoption rate reached 85%.
  • Stress factors were quickly identified and reduced by a factor of 3. Beaconforce started to provide meaningful data shortly after its implementation. Workplace stress was identified early on in new hires and was proven to affect not only employee wellbeing but also to be a significant cause of turnover.
  • One of the most impactful consequences of using Beaconforce was that they were able to create a culture of feedback and involve every single person in the organization. Beaconforce provides visibility not only to HR and management but also to each user. Every user has access to their dashboard driving self-reflection and increasing self-awareness at work.
  • There was a strong correlation between Beaconforce’s data and business key metrics. Falck Renewables was able to see a clear correlation between Beaconforce’s predictive analytic insights and some key metrics that the business had been tracking. The biggest surprise happened when they discovered that, thanks to these insights they were able to predict and prevent phenomena like turnover and influence business results. This allowed for more informed and faster strategic interventions.
  • They achieved a 32% decrease in unwanted turnover. Thanks to the many initiatives put in place, the redesign of the onboarding process, and more open and efficient communication among senior employees and their managers over 16 months, Falck managed to reduce turnover and improve employee satisfaction

Time and time again, higher engagement and human potential optimization, have been proven to lead to better business outcomes.
Questo ha aiutato l’azienda, non solo ad aumentare la talent retention, ma anche nelle fasi di reclutamento. Le generazioni più giovani apprezzano gli ambienti di lavoro sani, le culture inclusive e le opportunità di crescita.
This helped the company, not just by improving retention, but also in their recruitment efforts. Younger generations value good work environments, inclusive cultures, and growth opportunities. These elements are positively enforced with the use of Beaconforce and are key to attracting, retaining, and motivating high- performing talent.

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