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What is Beaconforce?

Beaconforce helps organizations create work environments where people can grow and become the best version of themselves.

It’s a deep listening tool that helps companies transform the voices of their people into insights and predictive analytics in order to create more engaging, sustainable, and better performing work environments.

How will Beaconforce help the people in my organization?

The Beaconforce platform is built on a solid scientific foundation and encompasses more than 40 years of research.

Beaconforce helps people understand themselves better, why they feel the way they feel when they are at work, and helps them have a positive and proactive impact on their professional life.

Supporting managers to better manage their teams and individuals by keeping engagement and motivation high by limiting excessive stress levels. Thanks to Beaconforce, managers will be able to gain feedback in real-time, for more timely communication and objective data that aids in supporting constructive conversations and concrete actions. Thanks to Beaconforce, every manager can become the leader you wish you had.

The management team will have the ability to access real-time updated intelligence, which supports the organization's strategic decisions.


Why should my company invest in a tool like Beaconforce and really put people first?

People who are involved and motivated, work better.
According to Gallup, companies that boast of having the best employee engagement rates have higher productivity and profitability than others, by 21% and 22% respectively. Today more than ever, in this transformative moment, it is essential for companies to keep the level of involvement of their people monitored and high in order to prevent critical issues such as work-related stress, burnout, and high turnover.


Why should my company choose Beaconforce?

Beaconforce is a leading company on the Italian market and recognized by Gartner as one of the best solutions worldwide in the Voice of the Employee sector. Born in California and recently acquired by the Zucchetti Group, Beaconforce is the only tech platform that allows you to take care of various processes centered around people in a holistic, innovative, and effective way. Some tools are able to measure employee engagement, very few are able to guide it. Beaconforce represents the next generation of employee listening and engagement tools.

How does it work?

Beaconforce is a deep listening tool that, through different types of interactions available, provides people with a space where they are able to share their feedback with the company and undertake a path of self-assessment. Beaconforce's proprietary algorithms do the rest by interpreting the interactions people have with the platform and giving real-time visibility into factors such as engagement, intrinsic motivation, stress, trust, and much more.

Depending on the chosen Plan, the platform will provide a more or less wide range of functionalities ad hoc for the identified needs.
The Beaconforce platform is available on the web and the App Store (iOs & Android)

How is the platform implemented?

There are several ways to implement Beaconforce into your company: independently or integrated with the Management System. In the first case, the software will feed itself and must be set according to the customer's requirements, in the second case it will be (after the integration activity) aligned with the data flow managed by the company system.

Which company figures is it designed for?

Beaconforce is a solution that mainly helps HR, Corporate Leadership in general and any Manager who needs to answer the questions: How are my people? What can I do to positively increase the well-being of my people within the company?

Is there support for internal communication, software training, and other preparatory activities for the adoption of the platform?

Beaconforce is not just technology. Those who choose Beaconforce also choose to rely on a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics in the field of Human Resources and Corporate Leadership.

When a company decides to adopt Beaconforce, our Customer Success Team gets in touch with the project managers, and our experts share the "best practices" with new customers, supporting them during all the processes: strategic phase, internal communication, launch, software training, data reading, etc.

How is the privacy and security of users handled?
Beaconforce complies with the European legislation on the GDPR. You can view our privacy policy at this link. Furthermore, per system, everything that happens between the user and the software is private, anonymous and inaccessible to anyone within the company. Beaconforce is a safe, secure and private platform, through which people can establish a relationship of trust and create a communication channel within their company.
Does Beaconforce offer a free trial?
At the moment there is no possibility to take advantage of a free trial of the platform but we are working on this for the future. In the meantime, if you are interested in learning more about Beaconforce, you can book your FREE demo session with one of our experts here.
Can the platform integrate with other softwares?

Yes, Beaconforce can be integrated with the most popular Management Systems such as Zucchetti, Microsoft, WorkDay, Oracle, SAP, and others.

Why 4 different plans?

The Beaconforce Platform offers 4 different solutions, each created to meet the specific needs of your organization and support specific business processes such as the Climate Survey, monitoring and management of the Involvement, Sentiment and Motivation of the staff, the management of stress from related work, the onboarding of new resources, the management of Talents, the help to first-line and mid-level managers, etc.

Each plan includes all the features of the previous one. For example, Plan 2 also includes all the features of Plan 1, and so on.

  • Plan 1: Light Pulse → This is the basic Beaconforce plan, with which you will be able to manage the Climate Survey in your company in a simpler and more effective way, as well as having the ability to create all the surveys your organization needs. This plan, among other things, gives access to a series of ready-made and scientifically validated assessments and to a Sector Benchmark updated in real-time.
  • Plan 2: Engagement → This plan is suitable for companies that feel the need to go deeper into issues such as the Engagement, Sentiment, Stress and Motivation of their organization and to collect employee feedback in a more frequent and structured way.
  • Plan 3: Advanced People Analytics → This plan takes the analytical capabilities of the software to the next level and allows you to manage the individual needs of people if you wish. In addition, in plan 3, the machine does not stop at analytics, but also provides predictive analysis that can prevent and avoid the most common and feared organizational problems, such as high turnover, burn-out and "dysfunctional" teams.
  • Plan 4: Front Line Management support → Plan 4, in addition to including all the functionalities of the previous plans, offers valid support to first line Managers and Middle Management in the daily management of their teams and individuals.
How do I know which plan is best suited to my organization's needs?
Each organization has different needs from the others as well as a different culture and maturity. For this reason, over time, Beaconforce has created 4 different Plans to support the needs of each organization. A bit like a tailored suit, Beaconforce knows how to satisfy and adapt to the needs of every company in the short, medium and long term. To find out which plan is right for your business, request a free demo session now with one of our experts, who will show you the platform and answer all your questions.
How often does the software interact with people?

Frequency, intensity and methods of interaction between the user and the software can be customized according to the needs of the company. Each plan has different objectives and different set-up possibilities. It will be up to our Customer Success Team to identify together with the company which settings will be most effective.


What kind of companies do we recommend to use Beaconforce?

Our portfolio includes companies across many different sectors, and of various sizes, with around 25-30 employees but also multinationals with tens of thousands of employees. Agile companies with a delocalized organization as well as more structured companies. Beaconforce is scalable and adapts to the maturity and needs of each organization

What differentiates Beaconforce from other platforms?

Beaconforce is a company in the HR Tech sector, belonging to the “Voice of the Employee”category. Beaconforce is a leader in Italy and one of the most innovative, technological and appreciated suppliers in the world.

The unique and distinctive features of our solution are:

  • High technology and use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Ability to ingest, process and correlate different data sources
  • Strong scientific foundations
  • Individual attention
  • Predictive capabilities
  • A holistic and broad approach to HR and Business needs
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