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Plan 1

Light Pulse

Gather your employees' feedback.
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Plan 2


Consistently stay in the loop with what really keeps your employees motivated.
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Plan 3

People Analytics

Gather information and suggestions using People Analytics.
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Plan 4

Management Support

Turn your managers into effective leaders.
Plan 1 Light Pulse
Plan 1

Light Pulse

Our Light Pulse Plan is the fastest and easiest way to connect with your people, gather data, and take real action.

Promote business agility in your company through technology and data. An overload of data from traditional surveys has proven too complex to analyze and difficult to turn into concrete and timely action. Beaconforce solves this problem by simplifying the listening and communication process.
  • Improve your Employee Feedback Process
  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Improve Talent Retention
Plan 2


Our Engagement Plan allows you to consistently stay in the loop with what really keeps your employees motivated.
In today's ever-changing work environment, understanding your employees is critical. Your ability to listen and respond proactively to constant change is the key to the success of your company.
  • Keep updated on the needs of your people
  • Have real-time visibility into the health of your organization
  • Use Science-Based Tools
Plan 2 Engagement
Plan 3 People Analytics
Plan 3

People Analytics

Our People Analytics Plan enables managers to understand in real-time the key factors that affect the well-being of people in the company. This ability to interpret the current state of each employee leads to an improvement in the well-being of the entire organization
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Drive action that has an impact
  • Respond and adapt to change quickly
Plan 4

Management Support

The Management Support Plan allows your managers to improve their leadership skills and become effective leaders. Providing your managers with more autonomy as your organization adopts a hybrid workforce is, therefore, a must.
  • Create a culture of empowerment
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Promote sustained high performance
Plan 4 Management Support

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Plan 3
Plan 4
Creation of Personalized Surveys
Variety of Survey Templates
Premium Template (Climate Analysis and Related Stress Survey)
Creating Custom Filters for Analyzing Results
Survey Results visible on the platform
Premium Survey Benchmarks
Discover Section with Customizable Content for Employees
Discover Section with Beaconforce Content
Frequently Asked Questions with proprietary Beaconforce algorithm
Mood Log
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Mood Analysis
Anonymous feedback from employees
Sentiment Analysis
Personal Dashboard
Send Personalized Notifications
Executive Dashboard: Visualizations at Company and Team-Level
Engagement Index
Benchmark dell'engagement in real-time
Analytics related to the main factor of engagement and motivation of people at the company and team level
Heatmap of Pillars by Department
Creation of Customized Groups by Executives
Predictive Analysis: Identification of resources at risk of resignation and burn-out risk
Setting custom frequency of Beaconforce queries(daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly
About Platform Usage Data
Analytics and Visibility at the Individual Level (respect for privacy and anonymity always guaranteed per system)
Identifying Dysfunctional Teams
Analytics and Intelligence for every manager enabled
Visualization of Team Dashboards by Managers
Visualization of Individual Dashboards by Managers
Prescriptive Suggestions for Managers (Insight)
Scheduling of 1-to-1 Meetings (Check-in)
Creation of Customized Groups by Managers
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