Avoid these 2 common problems while working at home

You’ve probably worked from home now for around a month if your city has been put into lockdown by the government. There are common negative consequences of remote work in normal circumstances but in today’s situation these problems can be even bigger or happen quicker. But don’t worry, the first step is noticing if you’re falling into these negative situations and take action to get out of them. 


Since you are not commuting to go to work anymore the line between time at work and time to stop working may be disappearing. It’s harder to have a clear work schedule and you may be working extra hours. This additional effort plus the anxiety and worry during these times can lead to feeling exhausted and even getting to a point of burnout. Notice if you have experienced any of these symptoms of burnout: Increased irritability, noticeable drop in productivity, and constant exhaustion


  • Block time in your calendar for work. Don’t let anyone schedule meetings outside of your work hours. Also remind yourself to schedule some breaks in your calendar to make sure you can stand up to stretch, leave your work area, and take an hour lunch.
  • Create some boundaries with your manager and colleagues. What are the times they can reach you, what type of meetings do you need to be a part of and what tasks maybe shouldn’t be on your plate.


When workers go remote, daily opportunities to interact with your team at work or during coffee breaks are gone. Since most interactions in the office are nor planned but a consequence of being next to each other you may forget to do an effort to build your relationships with your colleagues. You can then often feel disconnected from coworkers.


  • Add a daily stand up with your team to start your day feeling connected to them. 
  • Schedule a social meeting with your team every week. You can plan a happy hour or a game night but avoid talking about work.