Boredom is a psychological state of mind where you feel that time is not moving, that you have nothing to do, and/or you feel slow and lazy. When you are bored, your mind doesn’t want to be productive or creative. This state of mind is common in many workplaces and is often created unintentionally as people are given tasks that are too hard, which causes them to give up before attempting it, or given tasks that are too easy, which they do reluctantly, or not at all.

If you feel bored at work, there are things you can do to fight it.

For example, you could take steps to take on projects in which the level of challenge you face will be equal to, or greater, than your level of ability. Aim to choose projects that you may have never done before, take on more responsibility within your current projects, or swap tasks with some of your co-workers who you think may be feeling the same way. To keep this the sensation of boredom at bay, you may want to aim to keep taking on more responsibilities as your level of comfort rises in the tasks you are currently doing.