Want to increase your performance by 23%? Try this easy trick.

Work can be hard, tedious, and very competitive, but with the right tools, you can enjoy what you are doing and stay ahead of your game.

A recent study by Harvard Business School Professor, Francesca Gino, revealed that employees who spend 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting about lessons learned performed 23% better after 10 days than those who didn’t.

Reflection gives the brain an opportunity to pause amidst the chaos, untangle and sort through observations and experiences, consider multiple possible interpretations, and create meaning. This meaning becomes learning, which can then inform future mindsets and actions.

The most popular tool for self-reflection is a written journal. However, journaling doesn’t come naturally for everyone. We often hear people say – “I don’t know what to write”, “I don’t know where to start”, “I don’t have time”. We have good news, Beaconforce can help you build a habit of self-reflection if you invest less than 2 minutes a day.

Mood Logging

Here’s How

Minute 1 – Reflect on your daily questions

Beaconforce sends you two trigger questions on your app every day. These questions are personalized for you and were designed to help you pause, observe, learn about yourself and your working environment.

Minute 2 – Log your mood and mood triggers

You might have already seen the new daily pop-up on your app asking you “How are you today?”. This was designed to help you track how you are feeling. If you do it consistently, you will see your own mood patterns emerge. Negative mood patterns in your life can prevent you from performing at your best and achieving your goals. You can only stop a negative pattern if you know it’s there and understand what causes it.

That’s all there is to it, super easy, less than 2 minutes a day.

Remember, whatever you answer on your daily questions or the moods you log on Beaconforce is seen by no one, except you, so answer freely!

We hope that you will use these tools available to you for free, to help you start a habit of self-reflection not only to increase your individual performance but also to take you another step closer to the best version of yourself.