Trust is the glue that hold an organization together.

According to the Oxford dictionary, ‘trust’ is defined as: “A firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone”. In our working environments, we are only able to perform or be productive if there is a certain level of trust established between all individuals.

Trust Creates Dynamic Workspaces

Trust at all levels

Dynamic and productive workplaces are always characterized by having high levels of trust – whether it be between team members, between manager and employee, between employee and company, between autonomous groups within the company or between employees and customers. In a group task, if we cannot trust our coworkers to deliver what they agree by when they agree, the task cannot move forward. As an example, if a manager agrees to resolve a work related roadblock, but does not deliver on it, an employee would think twice to trust him/her next time.

Trust is the glue that holds everything together, without which everything would get slowed down and eventually come to a halt. Without trust, no matter how many resources you have and how competent your team may be, getting things done is going to be a battle.