How to prevent Employee Burnout with Beaconforce?

April 14th, 2023
A cartoon illustration of unhappy office workers around a 'happiness meter' indicating unhappiness.
When considering implementing a climate survey to reduce and prevent burnout among your employees, we want first to consider the limitations of traditional polls.

Climate is a phenomenon emerging from shared behavior among multiple individuals within a specific context such as the location of their work.

The fact that we understand each other is the basis of our social behavior. We feel involved, or engaged; and this leads us to think that involvement follows the fact of understanding each other, that mutual understanding causes friendly affinity. In fact, quite the opposite: friendly affinity is the cause of mutual understanding. Today, science agrees on identifying a practical element as the foundation of communicative success.

You may be wondering how a climate survey can help prevent employee burnout.
Surveys in general, are hurtful because they are overdone and seem more like a formality than anything else, rather than conversations between people who have a common goal. We have become accustomed to the fact that they serve no purpose. It is just one of the many things that "have always been done this way"; of those that everyone has gotten their hands on in the end "nothing has changed."

The solution? Taking consistent and effective steps to solve the problem.

Beaconforce's Climate Survey allows you to:

- Measure the seven most common factors of engagement at work.
- Help you understand the key drivers of your employees' behavior and provide management with data on the health of your organization.
- You will be able to analyze results using benchmarks and driver tracking features as well as view them in a customized analytical dashboard.

Beaconforce provides you with the means to capture both linguistic and extralinguistic elements of context, allowing you to understand when a misunderstanding has been set in a given work environment. This allows you to understand when, where, and how to intervene in a manner that is both timely and functional, ensuring success for both your employee and your business. This tool is based on data-driven technology and is an edge of current technology.
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Consistently keep up with what really keeps your employees motivated.
Find the best solution for your organization

Are you looking for a way to boost your team's engagement and productivity? Look no further than Beaconforce's Engagement Plan! You'll have a direct line of communication with your team, allowing you to proactively respond to their needs and keep them happy and motivated. Plus, with real-time visibility into how your people are feeling, you'll always be in the loop and able to make informed decisions.

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