How to Show Employee Appreciation All Year Long?

14th December, 2022
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After these last two years, if there’s anything your team needs is a little extra recognition and appreciation. Of course, recognition should happen all year round but what better time than during the holidays to give them a little extra “Thank you for a job well done!” moment.

Remember, no one likes when their hard work goes unnoticed, and make no mistake, employee appreciation goes a very long way in improving team morale and even the smallest token of appreciation can make the biggest difference.

So let’s take a moment, say cheers, and well done to your team for the hard work they’ve all put in this year, and let’s look forward to an even better one ahead!

Take a look at some of the best ways to show appreciation not only during the holidays but all year long.

We’re living and also thriving in the world of remote work. A lot of companies have adopted a fully remote structure with all their employees being able to work from wherever they want. This can make employee appreciation a little bit more tricky but it’s not impossible if we’re a bit more creative and innovative by making it visual.

When your team hits certain milestones or one employee has gone above and beyond, create a fun graphic, chart or send an exciting email to the company to make sure everyone knows!

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Again as we are transitioning into a world of almost complete remote work it’s easy for us to complete an important project and move right along to the next. We have to remember to regularly acknowledge the hard work of others on our team. According to Gallup, employees that don’t feel regularly recognized are twice as likely to quit.

By investing our time in this, we will be strengthening our relationships with our teams making for a much more positive work environment and happier employees. Celebrating the small wins makes your employees feel valued and a simple “Thank you” goes a lot further than you would think.

It’s important to recognize that appreciation looks different to each person. 82% of U.S. employees want more recognition from supervisors, but every member of your team feels appreciated in a different way.

Taking the time to understand and reward each employee in the way that suits them is the key to ensuring they feel appreciated and valued. Make sure everyone is comfortable by having a conversation and use this as a way to learn about the various ways and levels employee appreciation can be expressed.

It may be difficult to round up everyone but it’s not any less important. The best way for managers to show they care and appreciate their employees is through nurturing their mental and physical health. Offering lunch or dinner at the end of every quarter promotes a positive work culture and encourages employees to engage and interact with one another, especially those who are stuck behind a screen most of the year.

According to Gallup, highly engaged teams have 21% more profitability. It may seem like nothing, but sharing this time with your team as opposed to staring at numbers on an Excel spreadsheet encourages intimacy that will spill over into their everyday work.

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Nothing feels better than spending some time contributing to the greater good of the world. Doing good together means feeling good together. Find volunteering opportunities that you and your team can do together. Take it further by letting each employee select a cause that may be important and close to them. This doesn’t only allow you to spend some quality time together outside of the office (or from behind the computer) but also to learn a bit more about each person on your team. Taking this time to learn and connect with your employees on important issues helps them feel that you care and appreciate them and their lives even outside of work.

Companies like Patagonia give employees throughout their worldwide operations a number of interesting opportunities to support environmental work.

We know that some of us may cringe at the thought of another “Team Building Friday” in the office but it doesn’t always have to be like this. Planned well, a good team building exercise can have a massive positive impact on team morale and can recharge a once disengaged team member. It all goes back to dedicating time to get to know your team. Find activities that you know they would enjoy and most importantly, enjoy all together.

You can even make it virtual! Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the fun. We’re lucky to have many virtual team events and team-building activities that would encourage your teams to come together even from their desks at home.
Take a look at some of the top team-building activities for virtual teams.

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Let’s come together and create a world where our leaders know that Employee Appreciation is important all year long! Caring for your employees well being both physically and mentally has never been easier with the amount of resources we now have at our disposal for both our in person and remote teams. It’s more important now than ever to take the time to understand, implement and grow as a team, all year long.
Take a look at our Engagement Plan that will allow you to delve into the intrinsic motivators that fuel engagement. Stay on top of these intrinsic factors in real time using science-based tools and use them while planning your Employee Appreciation strategies now and throughout the year!

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