Introducing our light pulse plan: start your employee feedback journey for the new world of work

September 20, 2021
In today’s world of work, companies cannot afford to make decisions without having a clear insight into their people’s current needs. Surveys run by McKinsey have found that 40% of workers globally are considering leaving their current employers by the end of the year..

High engagement and performance start with a deeper understanding of your people. Company surveys have been around for a long time but many times leaders run into very common obstacles that ruin the purpose of surveys in the first place. Often surveys are extremely lengthy, non-actionable, hard, and time-consuming to analyze and are met with immense skepticism because of a lack of action or feedback.

Now more than ever truly listening to your people is fundamental, but most hr leaders don’t know where to start.

Some technologies offer surveys but don’t include any guidance on how to run an impactful employee survey or how to analyze the data collected to take immediate action. Other platforms are too complex and hard to implement successfully in a fast and easy way.

To lead your people into a post-pandemic world you need to establish an employee listening channel. Today we are excited to launch our Light Pulse Plan to help you get started.

This new plan is perfect for you if you are looking to:
  • Implement a simple tool that doesn’t require any heavy lifting on your side.
  • Provide your employees with easy to use and innovative technology
  • Get access to a library of scientifically-backed survey templates
  • Get actionable insights on the results of your surveys

If you do not know where to start, the Light Pulse Plan ncludes a library of editable templates and premium templates with benchmarks and analytics dashboards to help you make sense of the results. One of our premium templates is the Climate Survey Template developed by our lab of organizational behavior experts.

Leaders find themselves in a unique moment in time. Your people are looking at you not only for direction or answers but also for true support. With our new Light Pulse Plan, you will be able to create an open channel for communication and start an employee listening cycle to help you make data-based decisions.
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