Beaconforce invests in italy and workforce diversity

May 18, 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered one of the worst job crises in history. A crisis that had a greater impact on some workers than others.

According to the OECD Employment Outlook 2020, young people and women were among those at greatest risk of joblessness and poverty. They generally have less secure, unskilled jobs and are highly represented among workers in industries most affected by the crisis, such as tourism and restaurants.

Evidence shows that countries around the world have lost ground on gender equality in the workplace. However, women in the tech industry saw the least disruption, mainly because tech workers were better positioned and equipped to work from home effectively.

The situation in Italy is also worrying. Since the beginning of the pandemic, around 900,000 fewer people have been employed. The job market has stopped. From the provisional data released by Istat on the labor market for the month of March 2021, it emerges that women continue to lose jobs, and the female unemployment rate rose to 11.4%. There is also an increase in the youth unemployment rate, which reached 33%, +5.4 compared to March 2020.

Beaconforce goes against the trend

Beaconforce has moved its HQ from San Francisco to Milan, betting on the potential of Italy. Beaconforce Chairman, Massimo Cioffi, says: “the pandemic and the lock-down have confirmed that our smart-working operating model is the model of the future. Since the beginning of the year, we have tripled the number of our employees in the country, hiring 6 people including 5 women, 4 under 30 and 2 impatriates. Our job is to provide our client companies with the tools to continuously monitor the engagement and motivation of people in the workplace by leveraging technology: a contribution that must find space in a broader vision of understanding work and its places, based on the social role of the company and on concrete actions that reduce differences and offer everyone, especially young people, solid prospects for the future”.
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