Zucchetti acquires beaconforce and focuses on artificial intelligence and people engagement

May 25, 2021
We are thrilled to share the news that Beaconforce has been acquired by the European HR software giant, Zucchetti Group, Zucchetti is a major player in the HR software ecosystem and with more than 700,000 customers worldwide has been paving the way to the future of HR. This is a significant milestone in our 4 year journey as an early startup from Silicon Valley to accelerate a world of work where financial success can be achieved by implementing an outstanding people strategy.

Beaconforce is the first people management company that focused on disrupting the way companies had collected employee data for decades. With our product, we abolished the annual employee engagement survey by providing companies with a user-friendly platform that gave them access to the information they needed in real-time at any point in time. Our product was based from the start on sciences like positive psychology and behavioral psychology and their findings’ about what motivates people at work. Our early product was based on the daily interactions employees had with the platform and has now grown to become a platform that includes different modules focused on creating immediate value for all key stakeholders. In the last 4 years we have been able to report enormous success by helping our global clients like Toyota and PWC reduce turnover, eliminate burnout and facilitate their company’s digital transformation.

About Zucchetti

For over 40 years Zucchetti has been creating technological solutions for companies, professionals, and trade associations. Thanks to its innovative solutions, it accelerates the processes of digital transformation and dematerialisation.

Zucchetti is the leading software house in Italy by turnover. It offers a wide and innovative range of software solutions, hardware, and services and provides its customers with the best solutions on the market.

Domenico Uggeri, Vice President of Zucchetti: “Beaconforce is a web and mobile-first application that easily integrates with other Zucchetti human resources management solutions, for which Zucchetti has been a leader in Italy for years. Zucchetti’s strategy is to provide customers with everything they need in terms of technology for the administration, management, and organization of human resources. On the one hand, we directly develop new solutions, on the other hand, we acquire the best applications in the market that cover more ‘vertical’ areas. In terms of the solution and the experience of its personnel, we have found Beaconforce to be an ideal partner to quickly and effectively enrich our product range.”

Luca Rosetti, Chairman & CEO: “A deep transformation has begun for Human Resources. COVID-19 has accelerated some megatrends that have started a few years ago – performance & wellbeing are the main topics that must bring HR and business professionals to the same table today.

In the past years, Beaconforce has helped many organizations get on the same page by offering them solutions that are based on high-quality data and have a clear ROI. With the integration of Beaconforce and Zucchetti, we know that we will be able to provide an even broader and deeper understanding of an organization and subsequently, more tailored solutions to any challenge. Imagine finally having access to a single source of truth and information – one source to provide a company’s financial and people functions with operational data and real-time insights to make sound decisions. HR tech has never been more exciting than today!

The last 15 months have not been easy, but the Beaconforce team has been my true north. I saw true passion and dedication every single day. I am honored to work alongside these people. As we sail ahead, expect even greater things from this bunch.”
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