Beyond the CV: Let's explore idea-focused recruiting with Marianna Poletti, founder of Just Knock.

12th October, 2023
The talent acquisition landscape has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, driven by technological advances and evolving workforce dynamics. Today it is a dynamic blend of data-driven insights, personalized candidate experiences and innovative sourcing strategies. With remote working and diversity in the spotlight, organizations are redefining how they attract, engage and retain top talent. The new landscape requires agility, adaptability and a careful understanding of candidate aspirations; it is a realm where innovation reigns, reshaping traditional norms and paving the way for a more inclusive, efficient and engaging recruitment journey.

In the field of talent acquisition, where innovation is the driving force, few pioneers stand out as boldly as Marianna Poletti, the visionary behind Just Knock, Europe's first Blind Recruitment platform that allows people to find jobs by sending ideas instead of a CV. By breaking free from the constraints of traditional CVs, this company has radically transformed the way organizations discover and engage their future talent.
With a paradigm-shifting approach that puts candidates' ideas first, this pioneering founder has redefined the art and science of recruiting, ushering in a new era of dynamic, holistic talent discovery.
Join us to learn more about the idea behind the creation of Just Knock, a true innovator who harnessed the power of technology to reshape the very DNA of the recruiting world.
Being an entrepreneur is a very complex job that requires strong motivation to be able to handle loads of responsibility and especially the emotional stresses that come with it.
There were many different professions on my list of dreams that I wanted to do when I grew up (pastry chef, fashion designer, art director...) but being an entrepreneur was something I had never contemplated.
When I graduated and started looking for a job, having to present myself by sending an impersonal CV on cold and aseptic sites, I had the idea of helping young people like me to apply in a unique way: by sending companies my ideas. Just Knock was born this way, with the idea of allowing young people to knock on the doors of companies to show what they can do beyond the few experiences that can be written on a CV. Having studied marketing and communication, I had no idea where to start when creating a business plan, but I knew where I wanted to go and so I found a way to do it. The mistakes I made during my 9-year journey as an entrepreneur, the difficulties I overcame and the management of all aspects of a business were an unprecedented learning experience for me. If we believe in something, the biggest risk is perhaps not to take the risk.
Instead of asking for a CV on our site, companies publish role simulations asking candidates "If you were filling this role in our company, what would you propose in situation X?".
However, we did not limit ourselves to this, we aimed to make the selection process more meritocratic and so we asked companies to evaluate the projects proposed by candidates without knowing who they were.
The initial effort required was therefore very high for a company accustomed to choosing candidates based on their grade or university of origin, but it worked. Today Just Knock has grown and evolved a lot from its initial idea.
We work with over 50 companies and have a community of over 150,000 users who follow us on social channels.
In addition to helping companies find talent, we created our Corporate Communication agency 4 years ago, with which we support them in communicating their workplace by focusing on the people, culture and values that make each company unique.
The CV will never disappear from the selection process but it is clear that its role within this process is changing and evolving.
While it is true that most of today's jobs will in the future be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence, what companies must and will increasingly look for in candidates are the 'soft' qualities that make the human being irreplaceable.
Among the skills that will distinguish the talents of the future are motivation, problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and creativity.
This is why we increasingly see both large multinationals and SMEs going beyond CV and letter screening and implementing new selection methods that allow them to test candidates' concrete skills, often hidden behind aseptic CVs, right from the start.
There are several benefits for companies on Just Knock.
The first in terms of talent scouting, in fact through our platform there is a natural screening of candidates on a motivational basis, as only those who are motivated commit to the project.
In this way we reduce the number of offline applications by around 80%, cutting down on so-called 'CV spamming' (companies on Just Knock receive an average of around thirty projects/candidates). Secondly, companies, by receiving applications in the form of projects, can also benefit in terms of open innovation and have new data to understand how they are perceived from the outside.
Finally, Just Knock implements creative Employer Branding strategies by making companies more attractive through communication campaigns on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter where we have a community of more than 150,000 people.
With Just Knock, we ask candidates to be the protagonists of their future, to get involved by knocking on the doors of the companies they love, no longer by telling them what they have done in the past, but what they want and can do for them today.
If it is true that the future will increasingly belong to robotics and artificial intelligence, the skills most sought after by companies will be precisely the softest and most irreplaceable of human beings: problem-solving, resourcefulness, creativity and flexibility.
Those who apply through our portal can expect guaranteed feedback, both positive and negative, but above all the chance to get straight to the HR Manager's desk without going through the ATS.
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