How to Calculate the Cost of Turnover

13th June, 2023
Calculating the turnover cost can be complex and depends on several organization-specific factors. However, there are some common components that can be considered when evaluating the cost of turnover.

The main things we should consider are provided below:
1. Costs of Recruitment and Selection:
Include job advertisements, candidate screening activities, interviews, reference checks, and hiring processes. These costs may include advertising expenses, charges for search consultants, online recruitment platforms, and time spent by employees on recruitment.

2. Training and Integration Costs:
This involves the training and onboarding of new employees. These costs may include training materials, costs of trainers, time spent on training, and any external resources needed for integration.

3. Cost of Lost Productivity:
Represents the loss of productivity during the transition period between the departure of an employee and the hiring of a new employee. This can include decreased team efficiency, additional workload on colleagues, and time spent looking for a replacement.

4. Separation Costs:
Include costs associated with the termination of employment with an employee, such as severance pay, residual vacation pay, and other separation benefits.

5. Cost of Loss of Knowledge and Skills:
When an employee leaves, it may result in the loss of specific knowledge and skills. This may require additional activities to train the new employee or may require the use of outside consultants or resources to cover gaps.

6. Impact on Morale and Productivity:
High turnover can have a negative impact on the morale of remaining employees and the overall productivity of the organization. This can affect customer satisfaction, quality of work, and team stability.

Remember that by adopting a solution such as Beaconforce in your company, you will not only increase business performance, improve communication between management and employees, but you will also reduce the turnover rate and consequently its costs, in fact an employee that is both heard and satisfied is unlikely to decide to leave your company.

Take a moment to learn more about your current Cost of Turnover and chat with one of our experts to guide you in creating the best work environments for your team!
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