The Benefits of Voice of the Employee Platforms for Employees (and Organizations)

January 24, 2022
I vantaggi di una piattaforma voice of the employee per dipendenti e aziende
As the workforce becomes more distributed, managers are adapting and learning how to manage remote employees at best.

People are looking for flexibility and balance in their work environment, and for this reason, remote working is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Since the pandemic started, companies have tried to provide employees with the best tools to perform their tasks remotely.

There are plenty of tools for remote communication, file sharing, data protection, and so on. But how have companies been measuring the level of satisfaction of their most important resource, their people?

Managing a team that works remotely comes with challenges.. Without face-to-face interactions, it can be difficult to establish personal bonds and build trust with your employees. With remote workers, managers have less information about their team’s activities and need new ways to communicate with them and understand how they are doing.

To be a leader in your industry, you need to create work environments where people can express their full potential. And to be a great manager, you need to take care of your people’s well-being. To do this, however, you need a platform that helps you listen to them, even when you are all working remotely. A Voice of The Employee Platform is what you need. It is a platform that allows employees to share their perceptions, opinions, and feedback. A platform that can provide your organization with key insights to nurture happier employees and the right solution to support your business through the transition to hybrid work.

In this article, we share the advantages of using such a platform for the company’s employees.

Regardless of the work you do, it has a purpose. When you become aware of this purpose and fully understand how your commitment and effort make the world a better place, you will have found the meaning of your work.
People who understand the larger purpose of their work are happier, more engaged, and more creative. From an organizational perspective, when employees see how their roles help the company succeed, staff turnover drops, and productivity increases. In turn, people work more peacefully and pleasantly, make decisions on their initiative, and feel more motivated. As a result, the company can operate more efficiently. Everyone from the CEO to customers will see the positive effects.

"Beaconforce helps employees understand which factors motivate them and make them more productive and whether or not they are present in their work environment.

For this reason, 86% of Beaconforce users said they want to use the app permanently."

Communication between colleagues is one of the most important aspects of a healthy work environment. The recent shift towards remote working has redefined the function and form of communication in the workplace, where ‘communicating’ is much more than conversing; it is about exchanging information through multiple means.

Managers who invest time and energy in providing clear lines of communication will quickly build trust among employees, leading to increased productivity, performance, and overall morale improvement.. At the same time, employees who communicate effectively with colleagues, managers, and customers are always valuable assets for an organization.

On the contrary, poor communication in the workplace will inevitably lead to unhappy staff who may begin to question their confidence in their abilities and, inevitably, in the organization itself.

Beaconforce is a powerful tool for communication. It does not replace a good chat between managers and employees, but analytics and insights can help prevent some critical situations. It offers ideas for conversation, increases communication in two directions, and allows people to express themselves freely by sending anonymous feedback.

77% of managers said their team data helped them better support their people. They managed to have more effective conversations, as their team members felt engaged and gave their best."

Self-awareness is the conscious awareness of your strengths, weaknesses, actions, and presence. It requires a clear perception of your mental and emotional state.

Self-awareness allows you to make a deeper assessment of your surroundings.

Personal awareness means taking the time to understand yourself better to make informed decisions that will help you improve your work and personal life. It can help you identify what you like about your job and how to build a successful career path that can keep you motivated and fulfilled.

Some benefits that come from being more self-aware include:
  • A boost in Self-Esteem: Self-awareness can boost your self-esteem, and employees with better self-esteem are more likely to perform well in their roles.
  • More empathy and inclusiveness: Self-aware employees are more likely to empathize with people they just met. In the workplace, this leads to higher levels of inclusiveness.
  • Better Decisions: In a work environment, decisions are made constantly. Self-awareness is a valuable tool, as it helps regulate one’s thoughts and emotions and make better decisions.

Beaconforce allows employees to have visibility on the factors that drive their motivation and performance at work. It helps them to become more self-aware.

Engaging people in this feedback and discovery process is key to facilitating meaningful change.

84% of Beaconforce users report that their personal dashboards have provided valuable information about themselves. And that they constitute a powerful development tool.
Find the best solution for your organization

Thanks to the use of a scientific methodology and artificial intelligence, Beaconforce is the most complete Voice of the employee platform on the market today. Beaconforce offers businesses four different plans that fit the needs of each organization.
Explore our plans and find out which one best suits the needs of your people, your company, and its strategic goals.

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