The Evolution of Performance Management

February 8, 2022
Performance management: come stanno cambiando le metriche di valutazione dei dipendenti
Performance Management is an ongoing process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of the employees in the organization. The objective is to direct employees’ efforts towards achieving the business goals.

Organizations invest a significant amount of time and money in Performance Management activities as this process helps people reach goals faster, thanks to constant updating between supervisor and employee.

The fact is that, to date, traditional Performance Management systems are the subject of discussion because they present problems and limitations that slow down the evolution of the company’s performance evaluation logic.

This phenomenon is also due to the pandemic, which has meant constant change for managers, as they had to learn to manage teams that worked remotely 5 days a week for the first time. Indeed, today, remote and hybrid working models have become the norm, ensuring agility and flexibility. QSo, in addition to reinventing their business models, companies have had to rethink how to evaluate employees for their performance, whose management can no longer take place in silos. A different vision is needed to achieve individual and business goals.

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Managers typically receive feedback from their people. However, their feedback doesn’t get incorporated into the annual performance appraisal. That’s why companies must understand its importance and allow its effectiveness, facilitating its regular transmission in real-time and making the long and short-term objectives clear; this will make people feel more engaged and motivated.

Today, more than ever, human resources and managers are reference points for people within organizations.

Working from anywhere in the world has become easy, and this trend has increased enormously in the last two years, further fueling the phenomenon known as “Great Resignation”. People have reassessed their priorities: salary is no longer the only predominant factor when evaluating whether or not to leave the workplace but the well-being of people. They value other aspects, like the opportunity to work remotely, a better balance between their private and working life, and a good relationship with their manager. For this reason, it is crucial to engage in regular conversations with your team and try to understand what motivates your people.

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Those in these roles have the opportunity to change things, becoming facilitators of development and transformation, focusing on flexibility, availability, and innovation.

Technology has also begun to play an increasingly central role in the feedback process. .

Technology is the game changer for any company’s success as it enables organizations to help employees receive real-time feedback on their skills and activities. Therefore consistent evaluation, stimulating conversations, and skills development are fundamental elements for retaining talent for a company.

A dynamic and agile performance evaluation system is essential to keep up with the times. And Beaconforce offers companies a tool customized to their specific needs..

The platform helps provide employees with constructive, real-time feedback and helps managers better understand people’s needs, make strategic decisions and take the necessary actions promptly.

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Find the best solution for your organization

With Beaconforce, you will provide your people with the right set of tools and knowledge they need to support their team. Having access to team data eliminates the uncertainties in managing people and allows you to have an impactful approach to management.

Monitor employee engagement metrics and performance with Beaconforce.

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